Equal commitment to results and relationships,
never compromising one for the other, is the key to success.
Some years ago, we were fortunate to work directly with John Wooden, former basketball coach at UCLA and winner of 10 NCAA championships. We asked him the secret to his masterful success. He said, “Most coaches have one commitment, and that is to winning. I had a dual commitment – to winning, and also to relationships – and I was equally committed to both.”
We have shared Coach Wooden's lesson with all of our clients, across many industries, for more than 20 years. His approach to success has played significant role in our leadership, teambuilding, strategy implementation and speaking programs. We’ve helped thousands of business leaders reach unprecedented, sustainable levels of sales and earnings.
We have learned a surprising fact - in most circumstances,
relationships play a much larger role in success than skills and knowledge.

The key component: The 100/0 Principle
The 100/0 Principle is the quickest, most effective way to fulfill the commitment to powerful relationships.

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