Executive Leadership Coaching

The most effective leaders
embrace both results and relationships.

Is your competitive drive an insufficient motivator of sales and earnings? Do relationships, often called emotional intelligence, look to you like the less important stuff? Are you aware that 70% of the results you produce are a function of the strength of your relationships? And do you know that the strength of your relationships are driven by your ability to implement 100/0 Principle behaviors?

Many leaders today have a single-minded drive for success. This leads to relationships that suffer and that compromise the very success leaders want. Our program gives leaders at all levels the ability to choose behaviors that combine a drive for achievement with relationship intelligence. This combination is the key to unprecedented, sustainable results. And the program has been proven with successful execution with thousands of leaders in Fortune 100/500 companies in the United States, Canada and Europe, resulting in substantial, sustainable, improvement to the bottom line.

Learn more about the One-on-One Leadership Coaching Program by calling Al Ritter at 630-673-4254 or emailing here. He’ll schedule a one-hour, complimentary strategy session to review your challenges and desired results to determine if you’re a good fit for the program.

How Executive Leadership Coaching Works

The program is one-on-one and tailored specifically for each client. We first work with you to hear about your organization, your personal goals, and your challenges and concerns. We almost always conduct a 360 degree assessment, where people who know you best provide feedback on what you do well and what you can do better. We work with you to understand full clarification of the feedback and then set up your customized coaching program.

Your Coach

Al Ritter, President of Ritter Consulting Group, designed and developed the Executive Leadership Coaching Program. Al is an accomplished CEO, consultant, speaker, and best-selling author. He personally administers the coaching working directly with each participant.