Strategy Execution Program

Successful Execution of Large Scale Change

Great companies learn how to work through the difficulty of implementing significant change. The key is to set up a process that uncovers the true barriers that block implementation. Ritter Consulting Group’s Collective Alignment program centers on the process of uncovering and removing the barriers.

There are critical elements to the Collective Alignment process: first, well-informed decisions are made at the senior level, and, second, employees support the new direction as a result of being involved in the planning and heard by the senior team. Our process significantly enhances senior executives’ ability to implement strategy and other major changes, and this process applies the behaviors of The 100/0 Principle. Across the board, companies that have used it experience a dramatic improvement in bottom-line performance.

Learn more about the Collective Alignment program by calling Al Ritter at 630-673-4254 or emailing here. He’ll schedule a one-hour, complimentary strategy session to review your challenges and desired results to determine if you’re a good fit for the program.

The Collective Alignment Program is known for delivering three outcomes

  1. Well-Informed decisions made at the senior level.
  2. Employees support the new strategy.
  3. Breakthrough results generated.

This process drives rapid change, which leads to dramatic improvement in bottom-line performance and true vitality in the organization.

Employees own the new strategy. When employees are involved and know they are being heard by senior leadership, they support the changes, the organization becomes highly engaged, and employees at all levels become committed to the company strategy. This produces enhanced trust, and open communication becomes the norm for working together. When teams work more effectively, the bottom line is improved.

Your Consulting Director

Al Ritter, President of Ritter Consulting Group, developed the Collective Alignment Program. It is a time-tested, proven program that has helped hundreds of leaders and teams achieve breakthrough results. The process leaders learn includes new behaviors that last. Participants create unprecedented results long after the program concludes. Al is an accomplished CEO, consultant, speaker, and best-selling author. He personally administers the Collective Alignment program, working directly with each participant.