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The 100/0 Principle:

The Secret of Great Relationships
[More than 100,000 copies sold!]
By Al Ritter

The 100/0 Principle addresses a truly important issue for all of us: our relationships are critical to our success, and also to our satisfaction in life. This book is about a simple yet profound way to create powerful relationships with other people, which helps us achieve what we want in all domains of life.

The 100/0 Principle is this: You take 100% responsibility for the relationship with another person, expecting zero in return. Most of the time, the other person will react in kind, and the 100/0 starting point will quickly transform to something approaching 100/100. When that occurs, true breakthroughs happen for the individuals involved, their teams, their organizations, and their families.

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Life is a Paradox

Counter-Intuitive Secrets to Personal and Professional Effectiveness
By Al Ritter

Life is a Paradox demonstrates through explanation, stories and examples that the most important lessons in life and business are often paradoxical; that is they are not readily apparent and conflict with our expectations. Many of the most important lessons in life, business and sports are similarly counter-intuitive. This is the first book of its kind to tackle the counter-intuitive nature of life’s most important lessons. Readers will clearly see these paradoxes and learn how to use them to maximize personal and professional success and satisfaction. The book’s genesis stems from Al Ritter’s 20+ years as a management consultant to thousands of people, teams and organizations worldwide.

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